Brief information about Applied weather technology

Applied weather technology - A brief Information
Applied weather technology - A brief Information


Applied weather technology inc. (AWT) is a StormGeo company. It is a leading provider of fleet optimization services and onboard voyage management software. Weather influences the production and productivity of various crops. If farmers are aware of the real-time weather factors such as temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rainfall it will be effective to prevent crop failure and achieve high yield with better economic returns. The right weather information at the right time facilitates the farmers to plan agricultural operations from a selection of crops to post-harvest to avoid crop losses. 382 AAS bulletins were prepared and disseminated to the farmers during 2019-2020.


Applied weather Technology(AWT) is going to launch a group of new products. These are Bon voyage system onboard ship weather forecast version 7.0 and route optimization software. At first, this high latest version is able to provide high resolution and current data. This version has an improved route optimization function. AWT is also going to upgrade its fleet decision support system (FleetDSS) for shore-based managers. ARFF scientists and forecasters know the forecast requirements and the online forecasters are receptive to new approaches.

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There are some merits and demerits which we are going to discuss


  • Applied weather Technology is more helpful for farmers. From it, they get to know when to plant and harvest their crops.

  • People get to know when and how they can spend their holidays as their mood and weather and also will be able to take advantage of good weather.

  • Surfers are able to know when large waves are expected.

  • Firstly, from it, we find a clear image.

  • We also find good historical data.

  • Most reflectance can identify.

  • It is useful for real-time spraying applications, for instance.


  • This is very difficult to forecast the weather promptly.

  • This is an expensive source to monitor a lot of variables from many sources.

  • AWT may require certification to operate.

  • It has limits in the highest limited ground.

  • Its availability depends on the weather condition.

  • It collects the reflectance characteristics from a single point, not creating an image.

  • It is a relatively unstable platform that can create blurred images.

For more information:AWT is StormGeo Shipping! – StormGeo

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