10 Best Golf Watches NZ in 2022

Golf watches NZ are a well-liked choice among golfers looking for a watch that offers them the best possible timekeeping while they play their game. These watches are designed to provide golfers with the best possible time-keeping experience while they are out on the course. There are many various types of golf watches that are available on the market today. Each sort of watch has its own unique features and advantages.

A golf watch may be a watch that is specifically designed to help golfers keep track of their score and time while they are playing golf. A golf watch comparison isn’t just any ordinary watch. it’s a special watch that is designed to work well with the golfer’s swing and movements.

Garmin Golf Watches NZ

Here is the list of types of golf watches:

Types of golf watches NZ

The how-to set a garmin golf watch range is meant specifically for golfers who want to track their performance and stay connected while they play. Whether you’re trying to find a GPS-enabled watch that tracks your distance, pace, and stats, or a smartwatch that allows you to keep tabs on calls, texts, emails, and social media, we’ve something for everyone. 

GPS Enabled Watch

With a built-in GPS receiver, these watches provide accurate tracking information about where you’ve been and the way far you’ve gone. you’ll use them to record your routes, distances, and stats, and even share them online via Garmin Connect™.

Smartphone Notifications

These watches allow you to know if you receive phone notifications without having to take out your smartphone. Simply press the button on the side of the watch to answer incoming calls, messages, and alerts.

List of 10 best golf watches nz

1. Golf Watches

Golf watches are designed to assist you to keep track of time while playing golf. These watches have several features including a stopwatch function, timer, countdown timer, lap counter, and a chronograph.


You can use these watches to measure distances, time lapses, and even calculate scores. There are many various types of golf watches, each with its own unique features.

2. Men’s Golf Watch

Men’s golf watches are generally larger than women’s watches.


They feature an alphanumeric display screen, a stopwatch, and a chronograph (stopwatch). Most men’s watches have a chrome steel case and a black dial.

3. Women’s Golf Watch

Women’sGolf Watches tend to be smaller than men’s watches.


Their cases are often made out of titanium or chrome steel. Women’s watches may have a silver dial, a white dial, or a black dial.

4. Digital Golf Watch

Digital golf watches for sale nz are the most recent type of watch.


They are similar to analog watches, except they need a digital display instead of a dial. they’re great for people who want to stay organized and don’t want to wear a traditional watch.

5. Garmin Approach S10 GPS Watch

Approach S10 certainly doesn’t have as many features as many other watches, but it gives you the essentials that each golf gps golf watches nz watch should have, and it does it well. The

takes the highest spot on our list not only because of its reliable performance but also because it’s a best-selling watch (arguably the best-selling GPS watch on the market).


The Garmin Approach S10 does three key things: keeps score, gives you the space to the green, and provides you distances for hazards and dogs. The GPS watch was very easy to use; just power it on (it should only take about ten seconds), choose your course, and begin playing.

6. Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

Garmin Approach’S S62 model is dear, but it is also one of the top-selling models on the market. Why? Because it’s loaded with useful features and since of high-quality matters. The S62 is perhaps the company’s most advanced golf GPS watch.


For starters, the S62 features a large 1.3-inch color touchscreen with a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and interchangeable QuickFit bands.

One of the standout features of the S62 is the virtual shopping cart. The S62 takes under consideration your average distance to the clubs in your pocket, and it uses wind speed and direction to recommend the simplest club to hit and land in any given situation.

7. SkyCaddie LX5 Golf GPS Watch

To start, the LX5 features a large 1.2″ colour touchscreen display with an anti-glare coating and an interchangeable QuickFit band. Labelled ‘Golf’s Smartest, Brightest and Fastest Watch’ and featuring next-generation technology, the LX5 is that the largest colour touch screen watch in the industry at 1 2/3 inches. Not only do i feel the LX5 has the best display you can buy, but it is also very accurate, has plenty of advanced features, is straightforward t use, and has excellent app compatibility for post-round analysis.


Right off the bat one among the things we love about the SkyCaddies LX5 is the fact you can get distances to anywhere you want (not just front and back of green). Beyond that, the Skycaddie LX5 features yardage lines that overlay fairway landing zones, and dynamic distances to front, center, and back. Hole handicap information is additionally include.

8. TecTecTec ULT-G Golf GPS Watch

You may recognize Tectectec as the brand behind one of the most successful rangefinders on the market today. They also make a GPS watch, called the ULT G. The ULT G is a particularly popular, affordable, budget-friendly watch that provides you the essentials distance information you demand in your GPS unit.


The TecTecTec ULT-G may be a fairly basic golf GPS watch that gives you:

The distance to the back, front and center of the green. the space to hazards (water, bunkers, etc.)

9. Garmin Approach S12 Golf GPS Watch

Garmin Approach’S S12 Watch Is a superb Option For Golfers Who Like The Simplicity And Effectiveness Of The Black-And-White S10 But Want Something A Little Better. In Fact, The S12 are often Consider An Upgrade To The S10, Giving You:


The S12 is loaded with more than 42, 000 golf courses from around the globe, and you can download new courses wirelessly through the app. The internal battery of the device is rechargeable and operates up to 30 hours in Gps mode, which is incredible. The S12 is compatible with the Garmin Approach C10 sensors for advanced club monitoring.

Final Thoughts

Merely estimating distances to hazards and other locations on a golf course will only get one so far. If one is serious about lowering his/her score, at some point he/she needs to be able to obtain an accurate picture of each hole played, including a top-down view and distances. This is what a golf rangefinder can do.

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