How to Grow Beard- 8 Tips to Help Grow Beard

If want to know how to grow beard, then this article is for you. The speed of beard growth is pretty much determined by your genes. Every hair follicle on your body follows a certain cycle of phases in which it grows, falls out, then regrows until one day, it stops growing altogether. Usually, this happens when you get older, though some people experience it earlier.

Beard hair growth is controlled by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductases. This enzyme converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone then binds to the receptor sites on each follicle of the beard hair to cause it to grow.

But this doesn’t mean that more testosterone means more beard hair. Beard hair growth is actually more determined by how sensitive your follicles are to DHT. And this is primarily based on your genes.

No artificial testosterone intake or any other supplement has been proven to help beard hair grow — or any other body hair, for that matter. And taking DHT can also make your hair grow slower.

Take a look at some natural ways to how to grow beard, what you can expect from beard growth after trying some of these natural techniques, and when you should see your doctor for hair growth concerns. hair growth.

How to grow beard naturally?

Here’s a list of natural remedies that can help you grow longer or thick beard hair and keep it healthy for longer.

Diet and beard growth foods

Certain vitamins can help hair follicles that once stopped growing to function again.

Try to get more vitamin D in your diet. It can reactivate receptors in hair follicles that no longer grow. Good sources of vitamin D include:

  • eggs
  • fortified plant-based milk
  • fish

B vitamins are also linked to healthy hair growth, including:

  • biotin in whole grain bread, dairy products, and nuts
  • B12 in meat and fish


B12 in meat and fish. There are no studies that show that exercise can directly affect hair growth.
But exercise, especially high-intensity interval training (HIIT), can boost testosterone. This can help promote hair growth.

Sleep Quality

Inadequate or inadequate sleep has been linked to a decrease in the testosterone your body produces naturally.
This means less DHT for your how to grow beard receptors, which slows down your beard growth.

Washing and moisturizing

Clean, moist skin promotes healthy hair growth.

Wash your face gently with mild, natural soap. Moisturize your face with a moisturizer or oil, such as olive oil or almond oil, after you shower.

Quitting smoking

Smoking has been linked to hair loss. Many chemicals found in cigarettes cause inflammation and DNA damage in the blood vessels that feed hair follicles. Quitting smoking may allow the growth of your how to grow beard by reducing blood vessel damage. Quitting can be challenging, but a physician can help you develop a plan that works for you!


Microneedling involves poking tiny holes into your skin with extremely fine needles. It is said to increase blood flow to your follicle and encourage healthy hair growth.

A 2013 study by Trusted Source found that combining microdermabrasion with the use of minocycline (Minocin) can help reduce male hair loss in about 12 weeks. Minoxidil (Rogaine) alone also works for beard growth.

Be patient

Everyone’s facial hair growth rate varies, and it can take a while before a man’s beard starts to grow. Some men start to see visible results after just a couple of weeks, while others might not notice any difference until they’ve waited for several months. Regardless of how much time passes, it’s important to remain patient and continue to apply beard oil to keep your beard soft and moisturized.

Does shaving every day speed up how to grow beard?

No. This is not true. You can make your beard hair grow longer if you trim them regularly.

What can affect how to grow beard growth?

Many factors influence how quickly or slowly your hair grows, including:

Genetics- Your hair follicle grows into your genes, so you can expect to grow a beard if your parents or grandparents had trouble growing one.

Genetic conditions- Conditions that damage hair follicles, cause a lot of buildup in the pores, or cause low levels of hormones like testosterone (hypogonadism) can inhibit beard growth.

Stress- Cortisol released during stress can cause hair loss and damage your hair.

Skincare- Different skins require different treatments. But healthy, moisturized skin nourished by additional nutrition from natural skin care products can grow healthier hair than dry, cracked, and untreated skin.

When to see a doctor?

Talk to a doctor before using any medication to treat hair loss. A doctor can help you decide whether a medication is safe for you. You might also consider a hair transplant if you’d like to restore large areas of baldness quickly. See your physician if you notice sudden hair loss.

Beard Products Help Your Beard to Look Its Best

Now that you have a full and strong beard, it’s time to lighten it up. Immediately after you trim, use a few drops of how to grow beard oil to smooth and moisturize your facial hair. Beard oils work best if you also massage them into the skin underneath, which can be prone to dryness when covering facial hair. Then, use lotion or beard cream, depending on how harsh your facial hair is and how much control you want, to smooth and shape them.

You’ll want to do this routine regularly, even if you don’t trim your beard (you’ll want to do it every two weeks or so). Use a beard wash every time you wash your hair, every other day, and brush your beard every day after bathing. This will help distribute natural oils and retain water to stiff hairs as well as exfoliate the skin underneath. Use your beard conditioner and beard conditioner after each shampoo and between days as needed.

Summing up

You can try to speed up your how to grow beard by eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals. These include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, fish, beans, nuts, seeds, and eggs. Also, drink lots of water and get enough sleep every night.

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