How to Screenshot on Mac Quickly

There are three basic ways to take a screenshot with keyboard shortcuts on any modern Mac, including MacBook laptops, iMac all-in-one computers, Mac Mini, and Mac Studio desktops. Owners of MacBook Pros can use the fourth technique with the Touch Bar. You can quickly save, remove, and open the screenshot for annotation in Apple’s macOS software.

These guidelines apply to the most recent Macs, such as the M2 MacBook Air and the recently updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with a new M2 chip.

In this article, you will learn about taking screenshots on a Mac. Some practical tools will make taking screenshots on an Apple device simpler.

Mac screenshot shortcuts

Every Mac computer can take clear screenshots you can later edit or share. You can record the entire screen, a window, or just a portion. Every Mac screenshotting method uses the Shift, Command, and number keys.

  • Hold down Shift, Command, and 3, then click the screenshot button to record the entire Mac screen.
  • Use Shift + Command + 4 if you only need to capture a portion of your screen. As a result, a cursor will change into a crosshair. To screenshot a region, click, drag, and then let go of the mouse button.
  • Press and hold Shift + Command + 4 and Space, and then select the Mac window(s) you want to take a screenshot of. The crosshair on your cursor should toggle to a camera icon. After highlighting various windows with your cursor, click to take a screenshot.

How to share Apple screenshots

Sharing those screenshots with colleagues or friends is only sometimes the simplest thing to do, even after you’ve figured out how to take a screenshot on a Mac. Consider using a service like Dropshare as an alternative to exchanging files via email or uploading them all to a public Google Drive. It allows you to share screenshots (and other files) by simply dragging them into the appropriate area, as the name implies.

Suppose you want to keep your Mac screen capture sharing separate from your other sharing activities. In that case, Dropshare integrates with various popular third-party cloud apps, but you can also rely on its own proprietary Dropshare Cloud if you so choose.

FAQs about how to screenshot on Mac

How to view screenshots on Mac?

On a Mac, a screenshot you take is immediately saved to your Desktop. You can access the Desktop screen on your computer to view your protected images or even use Finder to open the Desktop folder and view it. Using Finder can be easier if you have a lot of screenshots to sort through on your Desktop screen because it typically displays the date and time the screenshot was taken.

How to paste a screenshot on a Mac?

Instead of saving them all to the Desktop or another location, you can copy screenshots directly to the Mac clipboard, allowing you to paste them into a document or online form you’re working on.

This is especially useful if you don’t want to keep the screenshot and just need to use it immediately.

On a Mac, press and hold Control while taking a screenshot to copy it to the clipboard. To paste the screenshot in another app, press Command + V.

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