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Nowadays iPhone is a huge mobile company. It has launched a lot of mobile phones in certain years. It is one of the best mobile companies in the world. A huge number of people want to use android mobiles because of the vast opportunities. Anytime if you ask someone for the best mobile gadget probably he will advise you to have an iPhone. So, it is a common question that what are its advantages and disadvantage? In this article, we are going to discuss the different facts of an iPhone.

What are the benefits of an iPhone?

If you ask this question to any user of it they will definitely address a lot of benefits. Such as Apple’s Cleaner interface and design, data privacy, security and they will also say how simple it is to get an iPhone working right out of the box.

The first iPhone was launched on June,29 2007. And now it has become the most popular smartphone worldwide.


1.Apple is an eco-friendly device

The iPhone is an ideal smartphone. If you use other Apple devices like MacBook, apple watch, and ipads then you would know how smoothly it works. It connects one device to another seamlessly and conveniently. It has also an awesome feature where you can start a movie on it and later you can see it on your MacBook.

2.It is something to everyone

In 2018 you could buy a new iPhone for just $1200. It was the craziest price for everyone. Now things have changed. You can buy an iPhone SE for just $400, an iPhone 11 for $700, and an iPhone 11 Pro for just $900. These all devices have the same A 13 bionic processor.

3.iCloud system

iCloud is a storage service by apple. Whenever you turn it on your files and photos are automatically saved in it. It works as a backup system in case your device is stolen or lost.


The next amazing feature of it is its security and privacy. This is also a big benefit that’s why a huge number of celebrities, businessmen and politicians use it.


  1. Access native feature
  2. Camera
  3. Location Awareness
  4. 3D support
  5. Accelerometer(Fine grain)
  6. Off line access
  7. Performance

The disadvantage:

  1. Must know objectiveC
  2. need Mac andOSX Leopard
  3. Give up a firstborn child in Mountain and legal agreement
  4. Must have application approved and vetted before distribution in-App store
  5. Process in on Apple’s timeline is not yours.

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