At present MOST PROFITABLE BUSINESS IN RUSSIA is a point of interest in economic terms for different parts of the world. Some of these reasons are mainly focused on the economic stability. It has managed to maintain for some years.

As for this particularity of its market, it is attributed to the control . The production, consumption and investment processes has maintained.  The economy participates in it. In addition to this, the country a large percentage of the business opportunities present due to the imports it makes, which manage to have a significant impact.

Russia has long been a focus of interest for Western countries, mainly, given the abundance of natural resources. It has, the economic stability, as we mentioned, the good commercial development that it has shown.

Now, taking into account the above, we can have an idea of ​​the operation of the market in Russia, but not enough information to launch ourselves into the market. It is important to know the trends in detail and the conditions of trade in the country. If you are interested in investing or starting a business, you can focus on those market sectors that offer greater profitability and above all, demand, since this it is the potential factor that could determine the success or failure of an operation or business.


When we know the conditions in which the market is, being able to identify where the demand is, we can consider profitable business ideas much more precise and according to the operation and the real movement that the market is having in that country, in this case , Russia for 2017.


Business requirements in Russia

Learn about all the profitable businesses in Russia here.




Just as it is vitally important to know the market conditions  of the country in which we are interested in operating.  It is necessary to know its culture, customs and how interpersonal relationships are established in the business area and business relationships. In addition, it is very important to have a high degree of knowledge of the language.  The most pertinent conversation topics, to work on body expression and in all those aspects that allow us to “earn points”.  It give a good impression so that the business possibilities and acceptance in the country, increase.


What are the most profitable businesses? This is possibly the first and foremost question you are asking yourself. If so, you are on the right track. In this article we have made a collection of the business ideas with the most feasibility to set up in 2017. According to the potential demand that the country presents, it is necessary that on your own, you also inquire about the conditions and some other particularities .


How to start business in Russia

The process of establishment of a  business in Russia has been actively simplified by the government. Nowadays it  takes only three days and has no significant difference for a foreigner compared to a Russian citizen. 


Registration of a sole proprietorship

The simplest and lowest cost option is to register a business as an individual entrepreneur. For this registration, it is necessary to present a notarized translation of the passport. A document specifying the place of residence, i.e. residence permit or temporary residence permit) and receipt of payment of a state fee (800 rubles or 14 Dollars).


Three days after submitting the application at the public service center, an extract from the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs is received and with it, one will be able to work in Russia.


This particular form of business gives foreigners legal rights and responsibilities. But it means that he or she will be responsible for the duties of the business with property. However, this legal status means a lower level of administrative obligations when compared to other legal entities.


Advantages of doing a business in Russia

An advantage of the individual company is that it frees the person from the obligation of keeping accounting records and gives him the opportunity to use the money earned at his own discretion, without paying additional income tax.


Another advantage of doing business in the country is that Russia is the largest country in the world. It has a large population of millions of inhabitants, with Moscow. It is the city with the most billionaires. Similarly, Russia has the seventh largest domestic market in the world and the first in Europe.

According to world bank the Russian economy is the sixth largest economy.

Similarly, Russia is a member of the WTO and is reducing 


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