10 Most Profitable Small Businesses in America

Profitable small businesses in the USA List of the 10 profitable business opportunities for small businesses in the United States. It can also be profitable in Spain and  South American countries. The list comes from a Forbes article that I found recently and whose approach I found very interesting. It is based on the study of the profitability of various activities over a period of 10 years.  In 10 years gives it more reliability by covering times of various economic situations.

The 10 most Profitable Small Businesses in the US

1 Account auditors 17.1%

2 Chiropractors 16.0%

3 Accounting services 15.5%

4 Dentists 15.4%

5 Tax advisors 15.1%

6 Sales financing 15.1%

7 Outpatient surgery 14.8%

8 Storage room rental 12.3%

9 Optometrists 12.2%

10 Rental of premises 11.6%

Private health: Profitable Small Businesses

It is interesting to mention that 4 of the 10 most profitable small businesses are medical or paramedical activities. One of the great differences between Spain and the United States is the health system. There the health issue is almost exclusively private.  In this country a public organization is financed through taxes, whose use is then free regardless of the frequency of use. Having access to a public system that until now has been working relatively well, the percentage of people who go to private healthcare is relatively low. Depending on the economic context, the evolution of the private sector varies greatly. In crisis, people take away the monthly payment of private insurance, in bonanza they hire it more easily.

On the other hand, the situation of the public accounts and the demographic evolution make it very difficult to predict the future of the private sector. It could happen that a system of repayment in the public health system was established (misnamed copayment) and the terms of attention worsened (some they are already very elongated). In this case, many middle-class people might conclude that private coverage is better.

For some professions not covered by the public health system, such as dentists, the business can be profitable as long as there is not a saturation of professionals, as has happened in recent times.

In any case, the medical business is a background trend, due to demographic factors.  It has a lot of potential for entrepreneurs. Health is one of the most lucrative businesses in the United States and it can also be in Spain.

What are the other Profitable Small Businesses?

Financial services

The other very well represented group on this list of the most lucrative businesses in the US is financial services, with 4 businesses in the top 10. It is not a sector alien to the variations of the economic situation, but many of these professions are quite stable, in crisis or in boom.

For example, an account auditor usually works for companies of a certain size, since the obligation to have audited accounts only applies to companies with more than 50 employees, more than € 5,700,000 in turnover among other criteria. These companies tend to resist the crisis better, therefore the client base for the auditor is not affected as much.

In the same way, accounting or tax advisory services are always needed, although as the number of SMEs decreases, the turnover of the agencies goes down somewhat.

Great Business Opportunity

The financing companies that operate outside the large entities (banks and savings banks) also have a great business opportunity, since with the bank restructuring the demand for credit is greater than the supply and those who need financing are willing to find solutions.

Rental of premises  

They are two totally different things. It is clear that in Spain, the rental of premises has gone through different phases in recent years, like the rest of real estate activities. We have had many years with closed stores, but in the last five years the trend has been very positive.

Storage Rooms

On the other hand, the concept of freely available storage room rental has been remarkably successful, and it is a service that still has potential for development.

Many older homes do not have their own storage room, or even when it is, it is often full, so having access to a small storage space for little money per month is a good option. Before launching your project, do not forget to prepare your business plan.


I hope you liked that list of the 10 most profitable small businesses in the United States. Some things are adaptable to Spain and some are not. The important thing is that it serves to inspire you.

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