20 best Small business Ideas

Small business Ideas

Nowadays everyone wants to start their own business. And willing to make their name strong in the business field. Sometimes it does not happen due to a lack of knowledge. Here I am sharing some business ideas. These successful business ideas will help you to make your decision prompt.

There are 20 most successful small business ideas:

1. Website design.

In 2019 website design was the leading online freelance job with the most opportunities globally. Well, this can be attributed to the fact that almost every business in this day and age wants to have an online presence, and this is a better way to get online than to have a business website.

Nowadays everyone wants to have a website, so it is easier to start a web design business and make money developing websites for others.

Interestingly, you will not need any capital for this type of business case, you will only need a laptop that I assume you already have, and the will to be marketed online.

Recommended web hosting company: BlueHost.

2. Start a daycare/daycare service.

If you love being with children and have the ability and health to care for young children, why not start a daycare service in 2021?

You can rent a two-bedroom house in your neighborhood, design it to have the feeling of children; fill it with toy beds and children’s play materials.

Lastly, get all the licenses you need to run a child care service and go into business.

It’s as easy as that.

3. Start trading Forex.

Like physical trading in goods and services, currency trading is a great way to do it online.

In fact, it worked really well for so many people in 2019 and that’s why I’m including it here.

Currency trading involves buying one currency and simultaneously selling another.

When you buy a currency on Forex, you are predicting that the asset you are trading will rise above its strike price. If so, you make a profit.

On the same note, when you sell currency pairs, you predict that the asset will fall below its market entry point. If so, you make a profit.

You can start trading with just $ 10, but $ 100 would be ideal for sizable profits.

Recommended broker – Olymp Trade.

4. Start a photography business.

Photography is one of those small business startups that you can pursue in 2021 with almost zero capital.

Not only does it require little capital to get started, but it is also easy to run and sell to clients.

In fact, you just need to diligently serve your first photography clients and you will continue to receive an influx of business based on word of mouth.

You can acquire new clients by promoting your portfolio on social media or even through your personal website.

If you want, you can also sell your photos on photo stock websites to continue earning royalties for a long time in your photography business.

5. Become an accounting consultant.

Accounting consulting firms involve managing income and expenses, processing payroll, and preparing tax returns for business clients.

There are already billions of online and offline startups whose owners are not accountants and would greatly appreciate your help in accounting.

Starting this type of business in 2021 would mean growing and being profitable in the shortest possible time.

You can also develop accounting tools and earn by having your clients sign up to use them.

Even easier, you can earn by auditing business books for smaller businesses and offering consulting services.

6.Start baking classes and earn by teaching rookie bakers.

Most people love baked goods. But sometimes mixing flour, eggs, sugar, butter, or margarine and baking soda and baking doesn’t end up giving you the desired results.

If you are a good baker with experience in making cakes, candies, bread, cookies, chocolates, custards, frozen desserts … name it, you can start your own bakery business in 2021 and earn money by training novice bakers.

A complete cake and decorating course in Kenya costs up to Ksh. 65,000 for a 35-week 140-hour session. “Quote =” A full cake and decorating course in Kenya costs up to Ksh. 65,000 for a 35-week 140-hour session. “

Isn’t it good money? Start your baking classes in 2021 and earn decently doing what you love.

7.Become a social media manager.

Social media management was a great way for management consulting firms to make money in 2020.

In 2021 you can still start a business in this space and make money managing social media accounts for small, medium, and large businesses.

As a social media manager, your job will be to develop relevant content topics to reach your company’s target customers; create, select and manage all published content (images, video, writing, and audio/podcast) for your clients

Did you know that at least 40% of Jumia sellers earn more than Ksh? 50,000 on the platform.

This means that for every 10 sellers listed on Jumia, 4 make Ksh. 50,000

If you have new products that you have been selling offline and they are not moving, get your business online through the Jumia provider.

The platform will show your products to an average of 15,000,000 monthly visits and when your products are purchased you are paid through Mpesa.

9.Start a house painting business.

Every year billions of building structures appear in the world.

These buildings need painting. If you can get resources and bring painters together under a registered painting company, you can earn money painting for local homeowners in your country.

10.Become a musician.

Kenyan music grew tremendously in 2019. And with the growth came a new sound: the genre tone.

Interestingly, gengetone is easier to sing and anyone with the ambition to become a musician can easily do so.

If you choose to start your business in music, you can monetize your sound by uploading videos to YouTube and taking advantage of the revenue share for YouTube ads.

Or even use platforms like Viusasa to distribute videos and music and earn money.

11.Start an event planning business in 2021.

Are you good at organizing, communicating, and planning occasions?

Well, in 2021 you can use your small business startup skills, including planning and organizing.

In this type of business, you will be organizing celebrations (fairs, parades, weddings, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries); conferences, meetings, graduations, and promotions (product launches, political demonstrations, fashion shows).

Since these types of events take place every year, throughout the year, you can be in business for so long.

12.Start a wholesale cosmetics store.

As I have reiterated in my previous posts, the cosmetics business is lucrative.

So profitable that you could easily get rich overnight selling common things like: primer, lip balm and lipstick, concealer, face powder, mascara, highlights, and eyeshadow… to name just a few.

You might decide to start small in 2021, doing retail, but if you have enough money to buy in bulk, go for it.

You can import cosmetic products from China, buy wholesale from Alibaba, or make your own. Create your own line of cosmetics.

13.Start a small makeup business.

With so many artists uploading and making videos wanting to monetize, you could become their makeup artist and earn money to make them look good in front of screens.

And the target market for makeup artists isn’t limited to musicians, you can wear makeup at weddings, for sluts, in salons, or for a specific target audience that you resonate with.

To make your makeup business stand out; market your hustle, understand your client’s needs, consult like an expert, attend makeup art fairs.

Most importantly, create and post tutorial videos online to show off your prowess.

14.Become a t-shirt designer and printer.

T-shirt design and printing are another one of the best startup businesses you can undertake in 2021.

Unlike most companies on this list, it’s an easy fit and doesn’t require much capital to get started.

In fact, you only need to have a website (Build a website for $ 59); design the merchandise you want to sell, upload it to your website and print it on demand.

You can do this for other products, like sweatshirts, bags, and more.

15.Opt for agricultural initiatives.

If you are in a place with a good climate, fertile land, and favors all the factors of agricultural production then start cultivating.

Unknown to many young people, agriculture-related businesses are great ways to earn money.

In fact, agriculture contributes 26 percent of Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and another 27 percent of GDP indirectly through linkages with other sectors.

In essence, the agricultural sector employs more than 40 percent of the total population and more than 70 percent of Kenyan rural people.

This means that the agricultural sector has a ready market for entrepreneurs and you will not be disappointed to start your business here in 2021.

It doesn’t have to be related to agriculture, you can start an agro vet, a fertilizer distribution business, keep bees, or weaving baskets for sale.

15.Start an office supply business.

Supplies for the office business is a simple startup idea that has not been taken advantage of in the world.

However, it is very lucrative and can generate millions of dollars over time.

You just need to find out which office supplies are moving fast, where to get the supplies cheaply, which companies, organizations, institutions, and/or government agencies to supply.

To get an idea of ​​office supplies frequently used by businesses, check out this list.

List of office supplies.

General Office Supplies – Pens, Pencils, Binders, Printer Paper, Notebooks, Planners, Calendar, Staplers, Staples, Scissors, Calculator, Paper Clips, Post-It Notes, Markers, Binder Clips, Highlighters, Glue, Erasers, Desk organizer, Ribbon, and printer ink.

More office supplies. , Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Wireless Router, Printer, Copier, Scanner, Shredder, External hard drives, USB memory drives, Surge protectors, Phone system, File cabinets, Files, Shelves, Trash cans, Drawer dividers, Envelopes, Stationery, Padded Envelopes, Boxes, Packing Tape, Mailing Labels, Bubble Wrap and Stamps.

16.Start selling on Marketplace apps.

If you have merchandise that you want to sell but don’t have the money to establish a physical location, you can join buy and sell apps and make a profit by selling your merchandise online.

Examples of market applications in Kenya include JiJi, Jumia, Kilimall, Pigiame, Cheki, and But globally, there are more apps you need to pay attention to.

The best selling and buying apps to sell your products in 2021.



Facebook market.

Plus for craigslist.


Let it go.



Of pop.


Social selling.

Close to me.



Applications to buy and sell clothes.






Of pop.


Applications to buy and sell cars.

Used cars search pro.



From Endmund.

Buying cars.




Car buying guide.




Jumia offers.

Car search.

17.Start an Instagram business in 2021.

Instagram businesses are businesses that you can start on Instagram and increase your profitability.

And unlike brick and motor companies, you only need to have active followers on your account and engaged followers, and an interested audience to market.

When running the business on Instagram, some influencers earn up to Ksh. 3,000,000 per post.

Examples of influencers who run Instagram businesses and earn decently are:

David Chang, blogging about food, has over a million followers with a cost per post of $ 1,300.

– Cezar González – has a food business on Instagram, more than a million followers with a cost per post of $ 2450.

Martha Stweart – Has a food business on Instagram, with over a million followers with a cost per post of $ 2,500.

– Joe Wicks – has a food business on Instagram, more than 2 million followers with a cost per post of $ 2650.

Tara Milk Tea – Has a travel business on Instagram, over a million followers with a cost per post of $ 3000.

– Amanda Stele – has a beauty business on Instagram, more than 2 million followers with a cost per post of $ 4200.

Khole Kardashian: She is a celebrity with more than 76 million followers and a cost per post of $ 480,000.

– Dwayne Johnson – is a celebrity with more than 116 million followers and a cost per post of $ 650,000.

Types of businesses that will start on Instagram in 2021.

Product review.

Instagram manager.

Affiliate Marketing.

Sale of digital products.

Stock photography.

Props style.

Instagram food channel.

Fashion blogger.

DIY expert.


Food blogging.

Travel blogging.

Lifestyle blogging.


Graphic design companies.

Infographic design business.



Brand ambassador.

Event planner.

Photo editor.

Name it …

18.Start an e-commerce business.

An e-commerce company is a company that allows the purchase and sale of goods and services over the Internet.

The funds are also shared electronically via the Internet.

Mainly, an e-commerce transaction could occur between a business and a business or a business and a customer.

Examples of the world’s most popular business-to-business (B2B) platforms include:

eJuices – which helps sellers to sell directly.

Baby Tula for wholesalers.







Name it….

Examples of business-to-consumer e-commerce platforms that can start in 2021 include:






Garden of Heaven.






Eat out.

If you have a few hundred dollars to start an e-commerce business, don’t spend it all on website design.

Because it does not end in having the best website. After designing the website and publishing your products, you will have to market the website to get traffic and sell.

Ecommerce businesses are as many home business ideas as there are businesses you can afford office space for.

19.Join the Airbnb business to rent rooms and houses.

If you have a home that often goes all year round empty and unattended, and you can only use it in December when you return to town for vacation, rent it.

You can list it for vacation rental on platforms like Virbo, Airbnb, Vacasa… name it.

And the process is simple. Just sign up for an account, upload your home to rent, and then wait for these sites to work their magic.

In 2019, Airbnb reported more than 500 million shillings paid to Kenyans who turned their homes into vacation rooms.

You could also earn from this business in 2021.

20.Start your blogging business.

If you like sharing your views, airing other people’s complaints, or generally helping others grow, why not start your blogging business in 2021?

As long as it may take to grow an audience and become perfect, you will eventually get there with consistency.

Personally, I only started blogging in 2018. And in my first year in the blogging business, I made almost $ 15,000 in revenue.

Interestingly, a blog is something you can build on your own. From scratch. But if you need help with the development process, you can also choose to pay me to help you.

Recommended web hosting platform: Bluehost.

This is what you get from the deal if I help you hire me.

And it will only cost you $ 100.

Conclusion: Here I tried to make you clear about some small business ideas. These successful small business ideas are able to make you clear.

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