Sony 75 x940c: TV Review

Are you planning to buy Sony 75 x940c? Especially with 4K UHD resolutions becoming commonplace. There will be a focus on HDR playback and OLED screens. Moreover, the Sony 75 x940c XBR4 series of LED TVs are ready to go head-to-head with the competition.

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Sony 75 x940c: Overview

However, you certainly can’t accuse Sony shud tv of being nervous with the first TV of 2015. In fact, the XBR Sony 75 X940C costs $7,998 and is as bold a statement of intent.

For starters, its screen is huge: 75 inch sony tv dimensions from corner to corner. But that’s just the beginning of its enormity. As brazenly stretching beyond the left and right sides of the screen. These screens are many more inches than the beautifully finished TV body.

The new LG OLED TV has an impressive design that offers stunning picture quality. The metal and glass body of the device is slim. As well as it comes with a sleek stand that can be placed anywhere in the room.

While part of me might actually admire Sony if it had made such a monstrously huge TV. For just the hell of having six seriously sounding speakers embedded into its frame. However, there is actually a really good reason why it is so big. For tastefully insetting within the glassy finish on the XBR-75x940C’s frame.

Magnetic attraction of Sony 75 x940c

As well as having its large, front-filing drivers supported by the extra deep afforded by the TV’s distinctive wedge design, it also turns out that the Xbr-75x940c Sony’s speakers also benefit from Sony 75 x940c magnetic fluid technology. This floats the speakers’ moving parts in a magnetic fluid so they can give a big sound without needing any space around them.

To make doubly certain you understand just how serious the XBR-75C takes its audio duties, it’s even earned a Hi-Res Audio certification, signifying that it can play high-resolution music without distortion.

That’s not only impressive but also a testament to the quality of the speakers themselves. To prove it, the 75C is the first television I know of that can play high-resolution FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and WAV (Waveform Audio File Format) files.

Stunning picture quality 

While it may be the 75X940Cs remarkable audio features that first grabs your attention due to their obvious physical presence, though, the heart of Sony 75 x940c monster new TV is – just as it should be – its picture quality.

Promising visual features start with its screen construction. Instead of the conventional edge LED lighting system, it uses a direct LED approach where the lights are placed directly behind the screen.

This is a more expensive technique, but can generally be relied upon to deliver outstanding contrast performance – especially when paired as is the case with the Sony XBR75X940C reviews using local dimming, where the Backlight groups can control their luminous output individually. Thus, dark areas can be made darker without affecting the luminance of neighboring bright areas.

The X1 Factor

The 75X940C also features Sony’s Triluminos technology, which is designed to provide a much wider color gamut than conventional LCD TVs, especially now that it’s powered by Sony’s new X1 video processing system.

Unlike its predecessor, the X-Reality Pro, the X1 was designed from the ground up with a 4K TV in mind. This review would become Encyclopedia Britannica if I tried to cover all the image enhancement tricks the X1 system claims to offer, but among its highlights is a tool.

The new color controls are powerful enough to consider and optimize each individual tone in an image instead of sticking to the conventional macro color approach; new depth-sensing technique to make the noise reduction system more accurate; and new algorithms to upscale non-4K content to the TV’s native 4K display.

Chipset efficiency

One of the key elements of the X1 system is its use of a huge database of different types of image sources – including different types of 4K sources, including different types of video compression systems. currently entering the content market.

According to Sony 75 x940c, being able to quickly recognize and apply preset imaging techniques to any source type allows the X1 chipset to use more energy efficiency to deliver faster processing results. This has the potential to bring improvements to everything from contrast to color and sharpness/detail. Unless of course, it’s just BS marketing!

Support of HDR and 3D

Wrapping the 75x94c’s key features together is one old trick and two new ones. The old one is three-dimensional (3D), which appears here using the full resolution system. The new ones support high dynamic range pictures (HDR), with their expanded luminance ranges and color responses.

In fact, the high dynamic range (Hdr) support is so new that the Sony 75 x940c TV doesn’t actually provide it yet; it‘s coming via a firmware update later this year.

In many ways, the XBR-75X940C’s images suggest they will at least be able to do HDR justice. That’s a pretty warm way of saying it works reasonably well with every other source I’ve been able to test.

Colour accuracy

Crucially, the Sony 75 x940c incredible color power doesn’t depend on color balance or detail. In contrast, the X1 chipset hits the hype by ensuring that every pixel of a 4K display delivers perfectly naturally. In addition, accurate colors look perfect relative to all of their neighboring pixels.

Starring contrast

Making this shadow detail all the more impressive is that the Sony 75 x940c’s black levels are stunning by LCD TV standards. There’s hardly any infusion of greyness usually found with dark scenes on LCD televisions. It provided you use just a little care with its backlight settings and local dimming control.

Moreover, the inky black colors aren’t often marred by blooms of backlighting around bright areas. Although the local dimming system does mean that those bright areas really do look very bright indeed compared to regular LCD panels.

It have to compromise much more heavily when trying reproduce scenes containing a mixture of light and dark content. Additionally, the XBR-6590C’s ability to produce such deep blacks without any trace of bleed-through is truly remarkable.


To say that 2015 has been a great year for television would be an understatement. In addition to the XBR-75x940C, Sony XBR tv also released two new 4K UHD TVs, the XBR-65X930E and XBR-55X850D. Both models offer stunning picture quality, and both feature Sony 75 x940c, sony latest tv A1 processor.

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