short note on the reseller market include

the reseller market
the reseller market

The reseller market includes retail and wholesale businesses. Firstly, It buys finished goods from producers and wholesale and resells them for profit. A retailer sells mainly to final customers and other organizational customers. The reseller market is created out of firms that purchase goods and in turn sell them to others at a Profit.

reseller markets features:

  1. Resellers are distributing firms that help the company to find its customers or make sales to them.
  2. These include wholesalers and retailers. They buy and resell the merchandise.
  3. Big C, Carrefour, Tesco Lotus, etc. are examples of big retailers.
  4. Resellers have strong bargaining powers.
  5. All products sold to consumer markets are primarily sold to reseller markets.

Reseller marketing merits:

  1. Reseller marketing reflects as a less investment cost.
  2. This has multiple uses.
  3. It has a higher resale value.
  4. This is less maintenance.
  5. Reseller marketing has a supportive regulatory policy.

Reseller marketing demerits:

  1. This marketing has a paucity of land.
  2. It has encroachments
  3. Reseller Marketing is an Illiquid asset.
  4. It has a problem with finance availability
  5. This has tax complexities and evasion.


As we get know the Reseller marketing includes wholesalers and resellers is a main resource of the market. Marketing and distribution is the main part of the process that needs to start early on in production. The distribution comes in many forms it depends on you to determine who is the best distributor for your project.

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