TOP 3 CEO IN 2019

TOP 3 CEO IN 2019
TOP 3 CEO IN 2019

Harvard Business Review classifies CEOs based on their financial management of the company, as well as environmentalsocial, and governance measures. The top three female CEOs, according to this list, are Nancy McKinstryLisa Su, and Debra Cafaro, who rank 16, 26, and 29, respectively.  Here are TOP 3 CEO IN 2019

Nancy McKinstry, a US national, although currently residing in the Netherlands, has been CEO of Wolters Kluwer since September 2003. Wolters Kluwer is a global information services company. Tax, legal and medical publications are engage in this company. In 2018, the company’s revenue was $ 4.3 trillion; It has 18,600 employees and is present in some 150 countries.   

Lisa Su is an American and Taiwanese businesswoman and, since 2014, has been the CEO of  Advanced Micro Devices  (AMD). AMD is an American multinational semiconductor company that develops computer processors and other technologies for the enterprise and consumer markets. The company has about 10,100 employees, and its revenue was $ 6.46 billion in 2018. In 2014, Lisa Su was  Executive of the Year by EE Times.  In 2017, one of the best leaders in the world by Fortune.  AMD  expanded into graphics cards and video game chips. It is the main supplier of Xbox (Microsoft) and Play Station (Sony) consoles.  

Debra Cafaro has been the CEO of Venta s since 1999. Ventas is an investor and owner company that invests mainly in the US healthcare sector; the company acquires, develops, rents, transfers, and manages sanitary real estate. Under Cafaro’s leadership, Ventas has named the most successful financial and commercial company of the decade 2000-2010; In 2018, the state votes the company as the most admire. Currently,  the value of the company is $ 22 billion.  

Companies with female managers report more benefits

As can be seen, the larger a company, the more difficult it is to find women in managerial positions. And in the same way, as we move up the hierarchy of a company, the fewer women we find. However, having a diverse workforce and management positions (both gender and other types) can generate more benefits in companies.

This is stated in a report prepared by the International Labor Organization (ILO). According to this study, 57% of the companies surveyed not only increased their profits by having women in positions of responsibility and directors but also noticed a greater attraction and retention of talent, as well as improvements in creativityinnovation, and openness. The report prepared by the CSRI, although it does not affirm this fact outright, has also analyzed the relationship between corporate performance and gender diversity in management positions, concluding that there is a strong correlation between these two variables. However, the ILO report also indicates that it is not enough to have women in management and responsibility positions, but that the female presence in these positions must be at least 30% to obtain business benefits.


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