Xbox 360 Overheating? Lets Solve It

Microsoft has had a terrible wrap with their xbox 360 overheating gaming console. Right from the beginning, the control center has experienced a huge number of various equipment disappointments and configuration imperfections. These issues make the parts get excessively hot and become defective. I’m certain every individual who’s had an xbox 360 overheating has gotten no less than one Red Ring of Death or E74 mistake.
Throughout the long term, I have fixed numerous xbox 360 overheating, and through experimentation and documentation, I’ve sorted out a couple of ways of fixing them that can forestall and fix any Red Ring or E74 mistake. This is accepting that there could be no other equipment disappointments coming about because of overheating.
In this Null Byte, I will show you my huge number of stunts that has fixed north of 100 Xboxes to date. The most awesome aspect? We can do with only a couple of pennies. I have seen a couple of varieties of my stunt, however they include rolling out long-lasting improvements to the case and don’t function too, so give this a shot first.

Why Xbox 360 overheating?

Overheating. The RRoD is in some cases brought about by exorbitant residue, yet is all the more generally brought about by heat twisting the GPU or CPU away from the motherboard. E74 is brought about by the HANA/ANA chip distorting away from the motherboard.
This technique will forestall overheating and fix most RRoD and E74 mistakes.

Warning: Xbox 360 overheating

  • This will void your warranty in the event that you presently have one.


  • Electrical tape
  • Heaps of pennies
  • Warm glue (Arctic Silver 5, can be purchased at RadioShack)
  • Torx 8 and 10 screwdrivers
  • Super paste (discretionary)

Stage 1 Open the Xbox

There are heaps of instructional exercises on this, so I will save myself from making one and show you this exquisite instructional exercise by FixYourOwnXbox. We want to strip everything, including heatsinks. Additionally, while eliminating the motherboard, remove the soft Band-Aid-looking cushions from the RAM chips on the underside.

Stage 2 Applying the Fix

These pennies will be made into heat conductors and safeguards. Tragically, those pennies are superior to Microsoft’s provided cushions. They likewise forestall and turn around flexing in the motherboard on the grounds that they are strong.

Fix and Prevent RRoD

  1.  Envelop 4 arrangements of 2 pennies each by electrical tape.
  2.  Apply a dainty layer of warm glue to the dark RAM chips where the old cushions were.
  3.  Presently, put the pennies where the old cushions were, and apply the discretionary super paste to them (just a bit) to help them stick when we set up the case back.
  4.  Scratch the old warm glue off the processors and hotness sinks. Apply warm glue (sparingly) to the chips under the hotness sinks that you eliminated before. This will lead heat better.
  5. Put the hotness sinks back on, just as the x-cinches. Assuming that you have the RRoD mistake, you can assemble your Xbox back (without a doubt). Screw in the dark screws on the lower part of the case truly close and test it before the case is completely reassembled. On the off chance that it doesn’t work, change the screws until you track down the perfect balance.

Fix and Prevent E74

  1. To fix the E74 blunder, we want to apply strain to the HANA/ANA chip. Create one more heap of pennies that can go under the white hotness pipe, enough so it pushes the pipe up a recognizable sum.
  2. Place the conduit and DVD drive back for the situation, and make one more heap of pennies with the goal that it pushes on the highest point of the situation when it’s back on.
  3. Set up the case back totally and screw in the screws gradually. The pennies will come down on the HANA/ANA chip so the 360 runs. Around 20 minutes of running the Xbox should fix it for all time. The tension of the pennies pushing down on the hot chip will guarantee when the weld gets excessively hot, it changes with the chip in the ideal position.


With a reassembled Xbox, you ought to be ready for action like never before! Start some conversation in the gatherings, follow me on Twitter, and join the IRC! Get dynamic!

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